Sammour Collections was founded in 1982, by Yaacoub Sammour. His family had owned a furniture store where he learned about this business initially.  Yaacoub was then ready to start the next chapter in the family business and start his new venture.

While our business has grown tremendously over the years, the important things that we value have stayed the same. We still build and design our own signature furniture, we value high quality over quantity and our goal is to always work one on one with our clients to make sure they get unique designs whether it was custom made or from our imported collections. We’re still located at btouratige El Koura and we’re still a family business, now run by mainly by Roger Sammour, youngest son of Yaacoub and his wife Layla Daaboul Sammour.

Manufactured in Lebanon
Over 34 years later you’ll still find us in Btouratige El Koura, doing what we do best…custom signature furniture design and upholstery! Our team of creative and talented designers design our pieces and pick the finest upholstery in the market. We also love what we do and our designers are so passionate about creating end to end homes and mansions whether it was related to furniture, interior architecture, art, flooring, bathrooms and everything you could possibly think of for your own home. Our employees are like family (many have been working with us for over a decade) and we’re lucky to be growing and hiring more local talent every day.
Fine and Unique Furniture
We carry modern and classical furniture in our showroom whether they were from our signature collection or imported from the best brand names in Italy. You can count on us for having the most unique pieces and the most beautiful fabrics in the market.
Visit us in our showroom and have a free consultation with one of our talented designers.